AGE MD12-106 — 12″ x 100T Carbide Tipped ATB+R Heavy Duty Miter/Double Miter Saw Blade 1″ Bore


Heavy-Duty Miter/Double Miter Saw Blades

Cut gap-free miters, every time.

These blades are designed especially for glass-smooth compound miter cuts in moldings and picture frame stock for use in a miter box and single/double miter machines. This style blade is the perfect choice for picture frame and millwork shops. Unlike thinner miter blades which have a tendency to flex and warp, throwing off the miter joint, our blades are stiffer and provide clean burr-free cuts in wood. Special grind, minimal run-out and tight side clearances all combine to yield perfect “gap-free” miters every time!

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