Cutting MDF on CNC

Cutting mdf on CNC

MDF can be cut on a CNC router to create clean, smooth, and consistent shapes and sizes. Here are some tips for cutting MDF with a CNC router:

Chip load
ShopBot recommends a chip load of 0.003, which is the thickness of the material that the end mill removes with each bite.

Solid carbide or PCD tipped bits are best for MDF. Solid carbide tools can cut twice their diameter in one pass, saving time. Down-spiral bits can reduce fuzzy edges.

Dust collection
MDF is very abrasive and produces dust that is cancerous. You should have good dust collection and an air filter.

Start off using an RPM derived for the chip load for the material being cut. For example, you could use 18000RPM to cut MDF.

Feed rate
Look for a feed rate that isn’t too slow (and leaves burned edges in your MDF and overheats the endmill) or too fast. You can increase the cutting speed (feed rate) by 1m/s a time, until the part’s edge starts to be rough or hold downs is starting to lose control. Then decrease speed by 10%.

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