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Tool Resharpening

Sharpen Your Shop Tools to Save Money and Maintain Quality

Four Step Tool Sharpening Process

Step 1.

We receive your tools
at our shop.

Step 2.

We evaluate your tools.

Step 3.

We send you a quote for your sharpening.

Step. 4

After approval, your tools are sharpened.

End Mills

  • Sharpen End Mills
  • Regular End Mills
  • High Performance End Mills
  • Corner Radius
  • Special Size


  • Carbide Tipped
  • Solid Carbide
  • HSS/HSCO Cobalt
  • High Performance
  • Specialty Custom Tools


Drill Pointing – Resharpening

Endmill resharpen

  • CNC 7-Axis Tool Cutter Grinders

  • Nikkon Optical Measuring Equipment

  • All Precision Ground Wet (not dry)

  • Special Drill Pointing for Kennametal, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, Ingersoll, and many more.

General Cutting Tools can resharpen and rework your tools. Our master tool makers will use their decades of experience and craftsmanship to give you world class quality.

High performance drills that require special pointing such as: Kennametal drills, Sumitomo drills, Mitsubishi drills, Guhring Drills, Nachi Drills, and many others we can re-sharpen, recondition, and recoat. Our 7-axis CNC tool cutter grinders have the latest software allowing us to grind these unique, specific points. CNC technology will allow you to have the same grind, every time using the factory specified grinding paths.

In unique applications where specific attention is needed and fine tuning of the tool is done, we will regrind exactly the same grind, virtually eliminating any variation in the tool.

We also can take an existing tool you have and modify it to fit your needs.  Proven special cutting tips designed to cut wood, plastic or metal, we have stored in our machines.

Square end mills, ball end mills, high performance end mills, specialty end mills, whichever you have, General Cutting Tools can resharpen them to like-new performance.

We Sharpen These Brands and More

  • Sharpen Guhring Drill
  • Sharpen Kennametal Drills & End Mills
  • Sharpen Fullerton Saws, Drills & End Mills
  • Sharpen Ingersoll Tools, Drills, End Mills & More
  • Sharpen M.A. Ford Drills & End Mills
  • Sharpen Mitsubishi Drills & End Mills
  • Sharpening & Regrind OSG Tool Drills & End Mills
  • Sharpen Precision Twist Drill
  • Sharpen Sandvik Tools, Drills, End Mills & More
  • Sharpen Sumitomo Tools, Drills, End Mills & More
  • Sharpen Titex Drills & End Mills