End Mill Resharpening

We can sharpen ALL MANUFACTURERS of end mills.  Contact us for a quote.  We 100% inspect your tools and send an itemized quote for sharpening and coating (if desired).  You have the comfort of having all the costs up front with no surprises.

End Mill Sharpening Service

End Mill Resharpening

Solid Carbide

HSS High Speed Steel

HSCO Cobalt

Carbide Tipped

We use CNC 7-Axis Tool Cutter Grinders

Special diameters, corner radii, chamfer or any other modification you need.

Standard end mills or special end mills, General Cutting Tools can resharpen and rework your tools. Our master tool makers will use their decades of experience and craftsmanship to give you like new performance.

We also can take an existing tool you have and modify it to fit your needs. Proven special cutting tips designed to cut wood, plastic or metal, we have stored in our machines.Square end mills, ball end mills, high performance end mills, specialty end mills, whichever you have, General Cutting Tools can resharpen them to like-new performance.

Sandvik Ingersoll
Sumitomo Iscar
M.A. Ford PTD Precision Twist
Fullerton Garr Tool
YG-1 Titex
Monster Tool Nachi