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General Cutting Tools is proud to offer Popular Tools saw blades, which are renowned as one of the largest and most trusted saw blade companies in the United States. Specializing in carbide tipped circular blades for various applications, Popular Tools ensures exceptional quality and performance by overseeing the entire manufacturing process. This meticulous control allows their saw blades to consistently deliver clean cuts and have an extended blade life, meeting the needs of professionals across industries.

Since its establishment in 1989, Popular Tools has flourished by fostering partnerships with sharpeners and machinery manufacturers. With a vast inventory of over 100,000 blades readily available and strategically located warehouses spread across the nation, Popular Tools efficiently serves customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

At General Cutting Tools, our mission revolves around providing exceptional service to our valued customers. We prioritize courteous assistance, swift delivery, and uncompromising product quality, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience when choosing Popular Tools saw blades.

The NPS Series Panel Saws are designed to run longer and give extended performance when it counts. The NPS Series Panel Saw Blades come with larger, stronger carbide tips designed to combat the abrasive glues and binding elements in MDF, laminates, particle boards, etc. In addition to the new tips, our saw plates are held to strict tolerances keeping the saw bodies extremely flat which makes the saws run truer. All panel saws have a 15 degree hook. (More sizes to be added. Call us if you what you need is not listed).

Split design allows adjustment to match kerf of main blade simply by adding shims. All split saws are made with SuperMicro-Sheen C-11 sub-micron carbide for longer life. All split scoring saws have 10 degree hook angle. The new SSRP12050 is for fully adjustable scoring.

Conic tooth shape allows adjustment to match the kerf of main blade simply by adjusting the height of scoring blade. All are made with SuperMicro-Sheen C-11 sub-micron carbide for longer life; 10 degree hook for all conic scoring saws.

Our nail biting blades are specially designed to cut woods that have hard to cut materials in them such as nails and metal staples. They are great for pallet recyclers or any other company recycling woods. All nail biting blades have 0 degree hook.

For trimming plastic protecting edge bandings of solid wood, wood veneers and plastic. For use on single and double side edge banding machines.

Combination saws are designed for all around use, when acceptable rips and crosscuts must be made with one saw blade. The larger gullets allow deeper cuts and efficient saw dust escape on rip cuts. We sell more combination saws than other categories of saws simply because it’s unique design.

These saws are designed for general sizing and cutting of natural woods. A higher number of teeth provides a finer edge to the cut, but should be used only on thinner material. The saw blades designated by the prefix GAM contain Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide, which provides longer tool life. The blades designated by the prefix GAL have laser cuts in the body to help reduce noise.

Popular Tools has new line of saw blades dedicated to optimizing saws such as the Paul™ and Grecon/Weinig™ Machines. The new Popular Tools optimizing saw blades are precision cut, ground, tensioned, and balanced to strict tolerances which are crucial for straight cuts at high RPM’s. The saw body has specially formulated epoxy filled expansion slots in the body to eliminate noise and vibration. Due to the strenuous running conditions for optimizing saws, we take special care and maintain extremely tight tolerances in manufacturing these blades to deliver the highest quality into each blade.

These saws are designed for high production cutting of natural woods, plywood, chipboard, and MDF. The TCG teeth offer less wear than the ATB with nearly the same quality of cut. Blades designated by the prefix GTM contain Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide, which provides for a longer tool life. The blades designated by the prefix GTL have laser cuts in the body to help reduce noise.

These steel cutting saws use micro-grain tips with titanium to provide greater impact strength and durability. Can cut through ferrous metal such as angle iron, steel pipe, flat bar, and rebar. Please note maximum RPM varies.

The trim saw blades are designed with a higher number of teeth to keep a fine cut on the finish side of your material.

The precision trim saw has teeth which are beveled on the face and the top. This improvement on the standard ATB design gives an extra fine cutting edge. The raker tooth cleans away any stray saw dust so the teeth cut with perfect smoothness. This is the smoothest cutting blade you will find! Add stabilizers to get real fine cuts.

The professional series blades are designed with contractors in mind. The PR724 & PR740 come with a diamond knockout and anti-kickback design.

These saws are designed for ripping soft or hard woods where chiseling action of FTG is effective. FTG grind is the fastest, most efficient tooth design for ripping; 20 degree hook angle for all Rip Saws.

These saws are designed for ripping soft or hard woods where chiseling action of FTG is effective. FTG grind is the fastest, most efficient tooth design for ripping; 20 degree hook angle for all Rip Saws.

TDesigned for operations requiring an extra smooth cut, such as solid wood pieces that will be glued together. Use these blades for rip cuts only. Glue joint rip saws can be bored out to fit most gang rip saws. Please call for information and price on this service.

Thin saws keep material waste to a minimum and require less horsepower to cut the material efficiently. Use these in place of standard kerf blades.

Designed for cutting very soft, thin, expensive material, allowing for very little waste. Not for cutting hardwoods. Please consult us before choosing this saw blade. ( Use stabilizer for stability! ) Limited Warranty

For cutting fine, fragile and thin-walled material. Thin kerf helps reduce chipping in cutting very thin material.
Automatically brazed premium grade carbide tips also help increase the life of saw blade.

MS and MD series saws are designed for mitre saw machines to cut molding or picture frame material. Saws with CTC (California Triple Chip) design are made to cut any wood or light metal without changing blades for different materials. For heavy aluminum or when only cutting non-ferrous metals, see Non-Ferrous Saws on page 21-24.

This blade is designed for jamb saws to cut door jambs when installing carpet or tile. The blades feature a tapered bore with 2 pinholes.

For cutting faux wood window blinds, theses saw blades are designed to reduce chipping and to avoid melting on the material. With thinner plate, a sharper tooth angle, and one side clearance ground, this is a completely new tool for window blind fabricators.

These saws are designed similar to the general purpose saw but with a negative hook angle to prevent grabbing. This saw provides excellent crosscuts on all materials. For cutting Non-Ferrous, check page 22-25.

Designed for cutting Corian, Avonite, Fountainhead, Surell, and similar materials. Our special sub-micron carbide will outlast any conventional carbide, delivering a much better cut over a longer life. Also good for cutting thick plastics!

A higher angle on the top bevel(+30º) gives this saw an extra sharp shearing action to slice through single or double sided laminates without chipping. These blades are good for laminates, melamine, coreboard and other composite materials. Made with Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide for an extended life.

These blades have no expansion slots and are designed specially for tree trimming machines.

Ideal for producing grooves in both hard or softwoods. Bores can be rebored to fit other sizes.

These sets come with chipper blades for a total of 13/16” width, giving you super smooth, splinter free cuts. This is the highest quality industrial grade dado set you will ever use. Each packaged securely in a wooden case. Each set has been tested before shipping to ensure smooth cut.

Designed for cutting plastic or vinyl sheets, moldings or extrusions. Maximum cutting thickness of 10mm (3/8″). For cutting thicker plastics, we recommend a TCG grind such as our GT Series on page 9 & 10. These plastic cutting saws are specially designed to work well on thin sheets of acrylic material. Use stabilizers to get the best results.

Double cut off saws are designed for panel sizing double end machines. These are to be used in pairs with one right (3L1R) and one left (3R1L). Our DC saws use Micro-Sheen C-4 submicron carbide, which provides better resistance to corrosion, gives longer tool life, and extended use before sharpening.

Stabilizers keep saw blades staying straight when cutting, increasing cutting accuracy, and extending life of saw blades.

Our PCD saw blades are designed to cut faster, cleaner, and will last 150 times longer in cutting cement board like Hardiplank®. PCD blades are not intended to cut through nail or staples. 10” and 12” PCD blades with higher number of teeth are introduced for cutting composite materials, such as phonelic with aluminum oxide coating, fiberglass panels, and flooring material coated with aluminum oxide.

All of Populars’ truss blades are manufactured with a thicker plate for smoother and straighter cuts every time. These blades come with standard tapered mounting holes to fit 5/16” bolt with 82 degree tapering, except TRDS1640, TRDS2260N, and TRK1740N which fits a 1/4” bolt. Size of mounting holes may vary on the open side due to the thickness of saw plates. All truss blades have 10 degree hook angle.

Our finger joint cutters are made with precision CNC machines. They stay sharp and stay longer on the machines. Tight tolerance makes the finger joints stay tight. Your customers will appreciate the quality of these cutters, and will not mind paying slightly more for their investment.

A specially formulated carbide makes cutting all kinds of non-ferrous metal simple and easy. Cut sheets, extrusions, or light solids of aluminum, copper, and brass. Clamp material firmly and lubricate blade with cutting fluid.Do not use on steel or other ferrous metals.

These large diameter saw blades are a new addition to our blade line and have surely been a big hit so far! Please specify your bore size when placing an order. Standard arbor sizes are 1”, 1 1/8”, 1 1/4”, and 1 3/8”. No re-bore charge for standard size. There is a rebore fee to rebore to any other sizes. Order ID only shows 1” arbor size.

This is a newly introduced five toothed thin kerf blade for the Lucas portable Mill. The blade can mill the face of a board one direction and trim the edge on the return trip all in one pass.

Our strob blades have been a Popular hit since the inception a few years back. These strob blades are made for durability and are great for cutting wet lumber. Also, these strob blades work great for pallet building applications. We stock numerous items in large quantities for immediate delivery.

The wax stick is an excellent grease stick which provides lubrication as well as reduces friction and tool wear. We recommend using some sort of lubrication when cutting non-ferrous materials and the Popular Tools wax stick was designed for just that.

Our wax stick is an affordable way to reduce chattering, burring and galling when cutting non-ferrous materials. The wax stick we offer is biodegradable, non-irritating and non-toxic.

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