Aggregate Heads

Aggregate Heads for CNC routers

Aggregate heads, also known as angle heads, enable 5-axis machining on your CNC machine. Aggregates enhance the capabilities of your spindle once attached to the drive, allowing you to machine a wider range of materials and operations. For composites, plastics, and general woodworking, aggregates are perfect cutting tools. Routing, drilling, mortising, tenoning, and sawing are all included.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our aggregates perform better than the competition. All of our aggregates heads are based on our obsession with quality craftsmanship. For our aggregate heads, we use only the best components. Each aggregate head is assembled by hand by a highly skilled technician who is personally responsible for the quality of the aggregate and performs a thorough quality assurance procedure, including a 90-point inspection of the bevel gears and a 30-minute test run, before sealing the aggregate and signing off on the inspection report.

Aggregate Heads

FunctionLINE Duo Aggregate Heads

FunctionLINE Extra1 Aggregate Heads

FunctionLINE Mono Aggregate Heads

FunctionLINE Quattro Aggregate Heads

FunctionLINE Soft-Touch Aggregate Heads

FunctionLINE Variable Aggregate Heads

SmartLINE Duo Aggregate Heads

SmartLINE Lockset Recess

SmartLINE Variable Aggregate Heads

Techniks Aggregate Heads

UltraLINE Duo Aggregate Heads

UltraLINE Mono Aggregate Heads

UltraLINE Moulder Head

UltraLINE Variable Aggregate Heads

Aggregate Heads Never-Down Guarantee!

We stand behind our aggregate heads with our “Never Down” Guarantee. Should yours ever need servicing, a replacement will be shipped to you to get you back to work until the original aggregate is repaired and back in service. Learn more about our top-quality aggregate heads on the next page. Replacement aggregates are limited to standard configuration and subject to availability.


SmartLINE Aggregates feature a compact & light-weight design for operations where clearance or maneuverability is required. Grease lubricated for long life. SmartLINE aggregates deliver great value, with an excellent price to performance ratio.


FunctionLINE Aggregates offer the widest selection and are among our most versatile grease lubricated aggregates. Designed for high performance in almost all wood-based materials, they can be purpose-built for almost any operation specific operation


UltraLINE Aggregates are oil bath lubricated for continuous operation in extreme conditions. Recommended for sawing using blades larger than 7″, V-grooving, heavy routing operations, cutting MDF, composite materials, or cutting aluminum.