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Original price was: $518.70.Current price is: $359.99.
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Step into the world of high-performance CNC tool holding solutions with Techniks Tool Group USA.

Explore the paramount importance of Collet Nuts in CNC tooling and the crucial role they play in manufacturing.

Let's introduce you to our premium range of collet nuts, designed to bring precision and efficiency to all your machining operations.

Anyone looking to optimize their CNC operations with the best quality collet nuts in the industry. We walk you through Techniks' selection of top-notch collet nuts.

First on the list is PowerCOAT Collet Nuts, engineered for accuracy and high-speed applications.

Another range of Techniks tooling chucks is TG PowerCOAT Collet Nuts, specially crafted for delicate operations.

Next in line is the DNA Collet Nuts designed to help processes where clearance is a concern.

For machinists who are looking for stability in machining at high speeds, we have PowerCOAT Ultra High-Speed Collet Nuts that provides unmatched stability and precision and compatible with all types of applications used in the machining industry.

Explore how these nuts are tailored for various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and mold & die.

Techniks Tool Group boasts of an exclusive range of latest CNC tools and accessories that are certified and made in the USA.