Techniks 254750 CAT40 x 3/4″ x 2.54″ Projection Triton Hydraulic Chuck Holder


Think hydraulic chucks are just for light milling or finishing passes? THINK AGAIN!

  • Featuring a newly designed hydraulic bladder system Triton provides 3.5X clamping force of standard hydraulic chucks
  • Tool changes are a snap! Only require hex wrench – NO tightening fixtures or torque wrenches needed
  • Bore wall thickness is up to 74% thicker than standard hydraulic holders for improved rigidity in heavy stock removal applications
  • Excellent vibration damping properties improves surface finish and tool life
  • Use reduction sleeves for any shank diameter

The NEW Triton Chucks by Techniks harness the full power of hydraulic technology to provide unmatched holding power and accuracy!

A newly designed hydraulic system enhances holding power on the tool shank by 350% vs. standard hydraulic chucks.